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Bond Conditions 2019 – (Off Mountain)

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for staying with Alpine Holiday Rentals.

Please read through the below bond conditions carefully. Bond security will be withheld against your nominated credit card in the event of any breach of bond conditions.

A thorough inspection of your accommodation is carried out BEFORE you enter and AFTER you depart, followed by cleaning of your apartment. Any damage, failure to return keys or to meet the Bond Conditions below will incur a charge.

  • If you are staying at Hermitage or Blue Range Cottage please return keys to the office and leave in green letter box at front of property 22 Chenery Street Mansfield

  • If you collected keys in Mansfield – you can leave these on the dining table
  • If you have a key box outside your apartment – leave your keys back in the key box
  • If you have a key code – ensure the door is fully locked on exit


  • Place all rubbish,bottles and unwanted items from your refrigerator in rubbish bins provided outside of your property.


    bins. You will need to take any excess rubbish with you. A minimum clean up charge of $100 will be apply If rubbish is found to be overflowing from your bin.

  • Departure at your property is no later than 10 am unless previously arranged in writing with staff at Alpine Holiday Rentals. Late Checkout will incur a Bond Call.
  • Upon your departure, please ensure you leave the apartment in an acceptable condition, ie. Clean any excess spills or cooking mess, wash dishes, pots & pans and put them away neatly in the cupboards. Please make sure that the dishwasher has been emptied and lights are turned off.
  • Rubbish/bottles not removed, dirty dishes & excess cleaning will be charged at a minimum rate of $50, plus $45 per hour thereafter.
  • All Apartments are strictly “No Smoking” allowed – an excess clean of $200 will be charged if there is smoking in the Apartment during your stay to cover cleaning costs of furnishings and fumigating.
  • Any reports of late night parties/loud noise may result in an early exit from your apartment and/or monies deducted from your security bond. Please respect your neighbours and keep noise to a minimum.
  • Do not exceed the number of persons booked for your stay. This WILL result in a bond call and the extra guests will be required to leave immediately. The number of persons includes all adults, children and infants. Sleeping on couches, blow up mattresses not provided by the property owner is strictly prohibited.
  • Pets are not permitted on the property unless the property is designated “Pet Friendly” and prior arrangements have been made in writing with Alpine Holiday Rentals.
  • Cooking appliances have been provided by the owner of the property – under no circumstances are additional cooking facilities such as portable gas cookers to be used INSIDE THE PROPERTY.
  • Ensure that placemats and heat mats are used on all surfaces. Any burns and heat damages to tables, benchtops etc will result in a Bond Call.
  • No ski boots/muddy shoes, ski equipment to be worn inside the property. (In summer this applies also to Bikes). Should there be any damage to the apartment, articles therein, missing items, or excess cleaning due to the apartment being left in an unacceptable state, these monies will be taken out of your bond.

We thank you in advance for respecting this apartment as you would your own home.